Let’s send Easthampton Kids to Camp!

After a long year of remote and hybrid school, Easthampton kids are itching for a fun and enriching summer away from the stress of the classroom. At the same time, the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have made it harder for families, parents, and caregivers to provide those activities. Our area has some great camp options, but the high cost makes them inaccessible for many children in our district.

The Easthampton Learning Foundation  (ELF) is asking YOU to partner with us to fund camperships for Easthampton Public Schools (EPS) students. Our goal is to match ELF’s $5,000 gift with an equal amount from our community.  Together, we can help provide some great summer experiences for our city’s children.

What are camperships?

A grant given to a family to cover the cost of attending a summer camp.

How will campers be identified?

EPS already supports some students to allow them to attend summer camp, but the number of children who can benefit is limited by the funding available.  EPS uses a fair and equitable process to determine which students can most benefit from a campership and works with their caregivers to match them to available camp opportunities.

What is the cost of camps?

Local camps cost between $250-300 weekly.

Thank you so much for considering to support these efforts!


Contact ELF: Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1100, Easthampton, MA 01027 | Phone: Email: contact@elfhelps.org