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EHS Exchange Program

The Exchange Program is dedicated to bringing culturally enriching experiences to the Easthampton community by hosting and sending groups of students in a linguistic / cultural exchange wherein students from abroad come to stay with Easthampton families, and students from EHS go to stay with families abroad. This year we are hosting a group of 15 students and 2 teachers from France to offer the "American" portion of this exchange. During this time, there is much sharing of language, culture, points of view, all while strong friendship bonds are created between, students, families, and even communities. EHS students are looking to host students from France, in a way that we can showcase Easthampton, Massachusetts, New England, the United States to show how proud we are of who we are, where we live, and the wonderful things there are to see and do here. The Exchange Program is in need of funding to host such a program. In addition to French students participating in activities that take place in the building (at EHS including shadowing EHS students, being guest speakers in classrooms, a formal welcome reception for the French students and their teachers), we are looking to bring the French on a number of educational/cultural day trips to showcase our community. In the past this has included visits to local universities, businesses, museums, recreational sites, and general sightseeing. The most difficult part of planning these offerings is money, particularly for travel and entrance fees.





Model United Nations

Model UN promotes students’ and teachers’ interest in the world around them and a student's knowledge in a variety of subjects. Model UN also teaches vital skills in problem solving, conflict resolution, research and communication. Model UN also gives students and teachers the opportunity to meet interesting people and make new friends. Model UN not only involves young people in the study and discussion of global issues, but also encourages the development of skills useful throughout their lives, such as research, writing, public speaking, problem solving, consensus building, conflict resolution, compromise, and cooperation





GSA Field Trip to UMASS Stonewall Center

The objectives of the field trip are as follow:
1. Expose middle and high school LGBTQIA students to local resources
2. Provide EHS GSA members with exposure to leadership training
3. Expose students to the Allies in Progress program so that members of the GSA understand the role of allies.
School Guidance Counselor Objectives: A. Personal and Social Development (Tier 1): To promote the positive personal and social development of all students within a safe learning environment, school counselors will provide tiered interventions that: 1. Promote the acquisition of appropriate self-regulation skills. 2. Encourage the development of interpersonal skills for positive social interactions. 3. Assist students to understand and capitalize on personal strengths and demonstrate resiliency when faced with challenges. B. Strategic Interventions (Tier 2): To provide strategic interventions designed for a smaller percentage of students who willneed targeted responsive services to meet individual needs. 1. Provide both direct (delivered either individually or in a small group basis) and indirect services to students who identify as LGBTQIA





WW1 Memorial Installation

We wish to mark 100th anniversary of the entry of the US into World War 1, an event that has had a profound effect on our country and town. Easthampton High School and the city of Easthampton were very involved in the war effort, commemorated beautifully by the 1918 EHS Echo Yearbook. This yearbook has photos, text, essays and letters to and from participants in the war. Many students, both male and female, were involved in the war effort, whether actively fighting or serving in supportive roles, such as nursing. Those remaining at school were very active in raising money to support the US effort. In collaboration with Kelley Brown's AP History class, we began some trial work to commemorate those from Easthampton who served in WW1. Multimedia and AP History student Lexie Paulin, with AP History students Evan Ciborowski and Justin Malek, created a beautiful video to introduce the project and the involvement of Easthampton, particularly Easthampton High School students and alumni, in the war effort. This video can be viewed at: A rough count of the names listed at Easthampton's WW1 memorial shows that twenty young men lost their lives and over six hundred names are listed of participants in the Army and Navy. This is a remarkable number of people from a relatively small town.
Our project will be life-size images of Easthampton High School students or alums who went to war, including Abner Laurens Clark, the first Easthampton casualty of the war. We created a trial piece to test our method, a photo transfer process onto clear acrylic. This is a technique that Eileen Claveloux has been using in her personal artwork for a number of years. The results give a somewhat ghostly appearance, appropriate for this project. The pieces will stand upright. Our vision is to have a number of pieces that will show several war participants in an installation that can be displayed in different locations in Easthampton. Some possible locations that have been discussed are the area in front of the high school; around the Williston Library; by the War Memorial; and near the pond. The installation will be movable and will be able to spend time in a location and then be moved.This will be a student run project. Students will receive information and training on the techniques used. Students have been doing the research involved in determining who the people were that can be potential candidates for the installation. They will make the final determinations and choices, find the images needed for the transfers, size the images properly (with training), and create the finished pieces. Ms Davis will assist students in developing a method for standing the pieces upright, probably with her Stagecraft class. Students will also participate fully in locating the installation when ready.





Easthampton High School Arts Festival

The 11th annual Easthampton High School Arts Festival will take place in two venues this coming spring. The first component will open on May 10th (all dates still tentative) at the high school in the Café Commons. This exhibit is a sort of 'pop-up' exhibition, up and down the same day. It will take place from 5-7pm directly before the Spring Concert at 7pm. On May 12th the Old Town Hall exhibit will open in two galleries during the May ArtWalk. Ellusie Gallery and ECA+ will host the high school show. Neither gallery will take any commission on sales and donate their space for the duration of the show, approximately one month. This exhibit highlights the arts at the high school for students, their families and the community. Students in visual arts classes, including 2D, 3D studio art, Stagecraft, Graphic Arts and Multimedia classes will have the opportunity to showcase their work in a professional manner. The two venues allow us to have a general show to include all students as well as a more professional-level exhibition at the Old Town Hall. The Gallery show will have a theme, to be determined. the Arts Festival will allow students to experience all aspects of exhibition preparation. Art students at EHS will be involved in the planning for the festival, creating the art and advertising for the shows, disseminating information, assisting in art selection and organization, documenting work, assisting in framing and preparation of artwork, labeling, setting the show up and taking it down. Selected students will also frame their own work with Jean Pierre Pasche of Big Red Frame. Others will dry-mount work for the Old Town Hall show.





Elementary and Middle School Garden

1 . The garden classrooms will provide outdoor learning labs where children can explore and apply their studies in a hands-on manner.
2. The garden classrooms will provide and experience that connect students to health and nutrition through learning about the journey from seed to vegetable and encouraging the enjoyment of eating fresh food
3. The gardens will be integrated into the curriculum at each grade level.
4. The gardens will enhance parent engagement through volunteer opportunities.
5. Students will experience their own capacity for creating change, resolving conflict, and teamwork as they work cooperatively in the gardens.





The History Exchange

Students will increase content knowledge by working with college students and professors both at EHS and UMass to engage in college level historical inquiry.
Students will be exposed to and increase interest in attending college by visiting UMass in 9th and 10th grade.
Students will increase understanding of historical research by visiting the Special Collections and Archive at UMass and working with primary sources.





Center/Pepin Student Leadership Club

The objectives of the Center/Pepin Student Leadership Club are:
• To encourage student input regarding decisions that affect students at Center/Pepin.
• To create a positive social experience for members of the club.
• To build a positive school environment for the students at Center/Pepin.
• To promote positive action that will better the school, city, and world.





ELF Jazz Ensemble

The ELF Jazz Band will be committed towards instilling a broader understanding of the rich canon of jazz music and providing educational opportunities for students to explore the music of Count

Basie, Duke Ellington, and modern genres of big band material. Ellington and Basie represent the very heart of Americian 20th Century musical heritage. Students will learn about the cultural

significance of these important African American musicians through study and performance of their music. Knowledge of this music teaches the building blocks of jazz which help prepare students to play any music. Besides offering a much needed opportunity four our student population to study music that tells an important story of African American History, we will be able to create

important mentoring relationships between high school and middle school students.





Japanese Language and Culture Club

The Japanese Language and Culture Club at White Brook Middle School will provide students an opportunity to explore the rich language, arts, history, and modern-day culture of Japan. Japanese culture is a high interest area for teenagers these days, who love reading “manga” (Japanese comic books) and watching “anime” (Japanese animated films). Many students try to teach themselves the language, and just can’t get enough of the pop culture. This after school club would foster students’ interest and exposure to world language and culture by providing students the chance to learn the Japanese language with a fluent speaker, participate in hands-on experiences creating art and cultural crafts, view authentic Japanese artifacts on a field trip to the Springfield Museums, make new discoveries with a self-driven research project, as well as provide opportunities for students to share their learning with the Easthampton community. Language and culture study opens up new worlds to learners, enriches their lives, and fosters courage, open-mindedness, and a desire to connect with, and learn from others. Students in this club will greatly benefit both academically and socially from the learning the Japanese Language and Culture Club has to offer.












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