Easthampton Learning Foundation grants were funded by donations and past fund-raising activities:

2015 Recipients
Garden Project for Center; Pepin; Maple; and White Brook Schools
Provide a lab for hands-on gardening activities; connect children to health and nutrition through learning about the journey from seed to vegetable, and the enjoyment of eating fresh food. Integrate gardening into the curriculum through grade levels in a sustainable way. Enhance engagement of parent volunteers at the school. Experience their own capacity for creating change, resolving conflicts, and teamwork as they work cooperatively with their peers in the garden.
Center/Pepin Student Leadership Club
Encourage student input regarding decisions that affect students at Center/Pepin; create a positive social experience for members of the club; build a positive school environment; promote positive action that will better the school, city, and world.
We the People: Becoming Informed Citizens
Enable students to become responsible citizens by participating in senate immersion model at the Edward Kennedy Institute in Boston, MA. Students demonstrate understanding of the constitution by participating in the “We the People” state competition and learning the curriculum.
Easthampton French Exchange: Hosting
A new language exchange program with the goal to bring students to France and Spain in alternating years to offer them a complete immersion experience, with the hope of increasing language skills and to develop a better understanding of other cultures. High School activities and field trips.
The History Exchange
Increase history knowledge of teachers at EHS, allowing for students to be engaged in college level historical inquiry.
Third and Fourth Grade Chorus
To develop skills in singing.

Model United Nations
Promote student and teachers’ interest in the world around them and students’ knowledge in a variety of subjects.
Read 10 Project
Funding for a classroom library that students will use for independent reading and projects. Students will publish work on the Read Ten website and learn how to interact with peers online.
ELF Band
White Brook Jazz Band, trip to Berklee College of Music

Prior Years Grant Recipients:
Model United Nations. Promote student & teachers’ interest in the world around them.
Third & Fourth Grade Chorus. Develop skills in singing.
ELF Jazz Band. 20th century American musical studies and performances in area venues.
EHS Arts Festival. Funding to support all aspects of students preparing, producing, displaying and disassembling an arts festival.
Center Pepin School Garden. Provide laboratory where children can explore and apply hands-on school studies and connect health and nutrition.
Poetry in Motion. Connect students with rhythm of poetry with physical movement.
El Museo Latino, New York City. Meetings to expose EHS students to cultural diversity, foods, holidays, art and music of other cultures.
Center Pepin Leadership Club. To encourage student input in decisions effecting students at Center / Pepin, create positive social experiences and environment and positive action to better the school, city and world.
Maple Street Garden. Integrate common core and next generation science standards into garden based lessons and opportunity to try healthy foods.
White Brook Middle School Program. Integrate knowledge used in classroom through hands-on lessons, appreciate where foods come from and healthy choices and flavors, experience the ability to create change, resolve conflicts and build teamwork.
Arts Festival
Easthampton High School's Arts Festival, a collaboration of students and professional artists who exhibit works and perform for the community. Students then write essays summarizing their experiences.

Student Leadership Club
Center/Pepin Student Leadership Club," before-school enrichment program for students with good attendance and good academic standing to develop and implement various kinds of school/community projects with the help of a teacher/advisor. Enhanced learning will emphasize peer collaboration and leadership responsibilities.

Favorite Reads
Easthampton High School's Favorite Reads," School-wide student reading and promotional advertising project that includes all academic and technology/media and arts disciplines, and is designed increase elective reading during and after school. Students will then "sell" their choice of book to other students and members of the greater community by designing and composing convincing letters and posters.

Jazz Band
Easthampton Learning Foundation Jazz Band," after school, weekend, and summer music program to mentor relationships across grade levels, promote school/community connections, foster mentoring relationships of multi-aged learners, build appreciation and respect for historical and cultural and all-American value of jazz. Band members travel, perform, compete, and record their works on CDs. Click here to see 2 jazz band members meet the great Wynton Marsalis!

Scope On A Rope
Scope on a Rope," project to enhance classroom learning by bringing biology study outdoors and/or away from the standard lab setting through the purchase of a specialized microscope that can be linked to a laptop computer. Grant purchased equipment features still photo and video capability with a portable display feature called, "Scope on the Go.

Model United Nations Team
Model United Nations Team," enhanced weekly out-of-school program teaching research, writing, public speaking, problem-solving, consensus-building, conflict resolution, appropriate presentation methods and techniques, compromise, and cooperation. They gain greater international perspective, understanding of human rights, health, history, and economic development and globalization issues through role-play, and finally attend a conference in Boston.

Schools To Local Environment
Connecting Elementary Schools to the Local Environment," life science and non-fiction reading enhancement project for field trip participation in Amherst Hitchcock Center's "Incredible Insects" program. Funding request is for program admission and busing.

Playground Enhancement
Center/Pepin Peaceful Playground Project," community-based project to expand on last year's ELF grant for a playground that will extend and support classroom social curriculum.

Playground Enhancement
Hands-on, durable materials and games to provide more positive choices for children during recess, to promote continued understanding of safety, social choices and how they enhance fun for all, and to introduce children to the proper use and care for these new materials.

After School Spellers Program
Activities to promote strong spelling skills, purchase spelling bee program, and opportunity to participate in spelling bees.

Cultural Heritage Nights
Evening dinners and cultural events/activities to celebrate high school students' cultural heritages, expose students to diversity, connect parents of students of color and ethnic backgrounds with their children's' school, to enhance teachers' understandings of our students' cultures.

Student Portfolio Development
Specialized program for high school students to create personalized high school plan, post-secondary plan, professional resumes, that allows students to share the portfolio with parents, advisors, post-secondary admissions and potential employers.
American History & Economics for First Graders
"Clothing & Toys: Now and in the Past" - In-class presentations by the Deerfield, MA "Teaching American History" staff, and corresponding non-fiction books about toys and clothing in early America.

News Video Production
Monthly TV news program, camera, peripherals technology, and editing software purchases and training for high school students to be coordinated with Channel 5. Students will refine journalism skills, interviewing and objective reporting.

ELF Jazz Band
After school/weekend jazz band, musical training, historical and cultural education, travel, recording, production and performance expenses.
Listen to 3 music clips of the band by clicking on each below.
Clip 1 - Cute - Count Basie, Clip 2 - Softly as in a Morning Sunrise, Clip 3 - Murcy, Murcy, Murcy

Model United Nations Conference
After school Project is aimed at students learning and experiencing what they learned about the UN by attending a mock UN Conference, simulating hearings and working with approximately 300 other high school students. Funding is for registration fees for 18 students, the school, 4 extra advisors, a security fee & busing

Kindergarten Field Trips
Cross-curricular experiences with focus on social studies through field trips to Easthampton Senior Center where students will make crafts, read, sing and Play games. They will also learn to work in partnership with seniors and in teams with peers. End result will be a book documenting visits. 19 students, 2 teachers, 10-20 seniors.

Tiny Tots Portfolio Project
Digital Camera and Color Photo printer to produce portfolios. Project includes 60+ students (3 classes) and 2 teachers.

ELF Jazz Band Spring
"Living things Using Scientific Investigation and the Literature of Eric Carle" Goal is to deepen 1st grade students' understanding of living things and their environments through scientific investigation, and a exploration of and Connection to the literature of Eric Carle, using butterfly development and Field trips to Eric Carle museum for 38 students, 2 teachers.

Visiting Author Series
600 elementary school students and 20 teacher s will receive their own copy Of Owl Moon, an award-winning book & then learn to write, illustrate & publish their own Book. After January distribution of the books, author, Jane Yolen will speak to children and parents at Pepin School on Feb 8. Funding is for purchase of books.

Connecting Activities
The objectives are:
• To begin to make decisions about post-secondary education; a series of 10 field studies to connect academic concepts with real business opportunities, which can demonstrate the need for a knowledge-and-skills foundation, learned in high school and applied on the job
• To attain a fundamental understanding of the importance of high school
• To utilize the business community as lab to explore

Pre-School Portfolio
Preschool Portfolio Project: This project is designed to enhance the learning/teaching experience of high school students who participate in the Tiny Tot's program at EHS, preschoolers, and their parents.
• The project objectives are to support technology and innovation the classroom by:
• Using pictures taken during class to document preschoolers' progress
• Engaging students in documenting growth over time of the preschoolers and
• Providing an environment that encourages peer interaction.

ELF Jazz Band
3rd Year: 25-30 middle school and high school students who will study of Count Basie and Duke Ellington and others - Interdisciplinary approach to American 20th century musical heritage and culture - Students will learn the about important African American musicians and performance of their music. They will explore the building blocks of jazz to better enable them to play all music. They will gain personal confidence and poise through new mentoring relationships, stage performances, regional competitions and recording new CD

Easthampton Reads Visiting Author Series
World-renowned, award-winning children's book authors will come to Easthampton to talk with public school children and their families about writing and creating books through a series of four family literacy events. These family literacy events will reinforce and enhance classroom lessons about creativity, storytelling, and literature. In addition they are intended to:
• Excite kids, families, and teachers about writing and reading activities;
• Teach children about the writing and revision process, and striving for the best result possible,
• Encourage more families to attend educational events at school, & attract traditionally hard-to-reach families to these events,
• Showcase the vast talent and resources we have in Easthampton and the greater Pioneer Valley.
ELF Jazz Band
2ndYear: 25 HS and middle school students learn pieces from various genres, learn about cultural heritage of jazz, rehearse, perform, record and compete in local and regional venues, all outside school time - Will produce 3 CDs -Silver medal winners first-time participants in a Connecticut Jazz festival.

Children's Theatre To Go
20-30 High School students and 50-200 elementary students interact and learn how rehearse, act, build sets, become technicians, perform and be a good audience through an adaptation of "Once upon a Wolf".
EHS Motivates Students to be Fit
200 Students will receive wrist band, t-shirt and certificates and their names on the fitness center wall in recognition of improving their fitness levels - Comprehensive plan to help improve general health and improve academic scores
Grades 5-12 All-Easthampton Jazz Band
High School and middle school students learn pieces of jazz, rehearse, perform, record and enroll in regional competitive venues, all outside school time – Goal is to perform as much as possible and produce a CD

Elementary Kidspiration
Purchase of software to provide multimedia experiences for children with communication challenges/disorder

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